A quick look at news stories this week featuring Bloomberg Cities’ programs and partners.

Earlier this week, Bloomberg Philanthropies announced the expansion of its Innovation Teams (i-teams) program in France , adding Paris, Mulhouse, Dunkerque, and the Occitanie Region. The program helps city leaders drive innovation, change culture, and tackle big problems to enhance the lives of citizens. Bloomberg is expected to add six more French to the fold in upcoming months.(Bloomberg.org)

To learn more about the What Works Cities program and what’s next after reaching 85 cities, check out a Q&A session with Executive Director Simone Brady. (Periscope)

On Tuesday, five new cities — Arlington, Texas; Charleston, S.C.; Fort Collins, Colo.; Memphis, Tenn.; and Sioux Falls, S.D. — committed to using data and evidence based practices to address some of their challenges. Thus far, 85 cities have partnered with Bloomberg PhilanthropiesWhat Works Cities program, the largest philanthropic effort to improve the effectiveness of local governments by adopting new technologies and modern strategies. (Results for America)

The city of Phoenix will welcome its third year of their Love Your Block initiative, a program funded by Cities of Service. Each year, five neighborhood groups participating in the initiative are awarded $1,000 to make a change they wish to see reflected in their neighborhood. The program promotes community engagement to identify priority projects and develops volunteer-fueled solutions. (HPN)

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