A quick look at news stories this week featuring Bloomberg Cities’ programs and partners.

A new school aimed at at-risk youth in Jerusalem’s ultra-Orthodox Romema neighborhood, where the dropout rate is four times the average, stay in school. “This wouldn’t have been possible even a few years ago,” said Shai Moshe, project manger for the Jerusalem Innovation Team, which is using data-driven approaches to work on projects ranging from at-risk youth to improving public spaces. (Tablet)

Smart Cities Dive has compiled a list 10 cities-related Twitter accounts to follow right now, including Bloomberg Philanthropies’ Head of Government Innovation James Anderson and What Works Cities. (Smart Cities Dive)

More than ever, cities are relying on public input to shape their open data policies. This is a practice that advocates of government transparency hope to instill permanently as part of the lawmaking process. Four cities part of the What Works Cities program — Tempe, Ariz.; Glendale, Ariz.; Nashville, Tenn.; and Durham, N.C. — are already triggering the wheels of change in local government by using technology to leverage public input in their open data policies. (Government Technology)

The Innovation Team in Jersey City, N.J., which is now focusing on sustainability — described as “a broad concept with economic, social, and environmental dimensions, encompassing an array of issues from housing inequality to clean energy and involving stakeholders and actors from the local to global level” — has published its research framework for this work. (Jersey City Office of Innovation)

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