A quick look at news stories this week featuring Bloomberg Cities’ programs and partners.

At any given moment, Bloomberg Philanthropies is advancing work to ensure better, longer lives for the greatest number of people across the globe. Check out Bloomberg Philanthropies’ 2017 Annual Report to learn more. (Bloomberg.org)

More than 30 city leaders from the U.S. and U.K. gathered last week at the Cities of Service 2017 Annual Convening in Phoenix. Participants discussed the best tools used in both countries to develop citizen engagement and then exchanged ideas on how to best solve public challenges. (Cities of Service)

After joining Bloomberg Philanthropies’ What Works Cities initiative, Miami has invested some of its funding to develop a stormwater management system and help the flat-terrain city tackle rising sea levels. The city has also turned other technologies, including Zonar, an application built by a local start-up, to assist developers and city officials who want to create “dry runs” for their planning and zoning projects. (GCN)

Celebrating public sector progress and innovation in cities around the world. Run by @BloombergDotOrg’s Government Innovation program. bloombergcities.org

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