A quick look at news stories this week featuring Bloomberg Cities’ programs and partners.

To help residents cope with serious summer heat, Phoenix has created a network of air-conditioned community spaces where residents can cool down and get water, but many low-income residents weren’t aware of these spaces. So Cities of Service AmericorpsVISTA members developed an outreach plan and worked with the city and volunteers to successfully build community awareness. (CityLab)

Last year What Works Cities member Washington, D.C., created a new internal group called The Lab @ DC to support data-driven decision making and innovation in Washington’s city government. Already the group has undertaken such projects as redesigning applications for the Temporary Assistance for Needy Families program and evaluating the outcomes of body-worn police cameras through a randomized trial. (GovTech)

“AVs may dramatically alter the face of our neighborhoods, transform urban economies, and change the way that cities respond to any number of complex challenges — from aging populations to economic disenfranchisement.” Bloomberg Philanthropies Senior Program Officer Stacey Gillett discusses the new Bloomberg Aspen Initiative on Cities and Autonomous Vehicles. (Philanthropy New York.)

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