A quick look at news stories this week featuring Bloomberg Cities’ programs and partners.

Mayor William Bell of Birmingham, Ala., kicked off another year of the Cities of Service “Love Your Block” revitalization and beautification initiative in the Ensley neighborhood. In 2016 alone, 38 neighborhoods have been awarded a total of $33,000 to bolster their communities. (The Birmingham Times)

Kansas City, Mo., voters approved an $800-million bond package after a survey revealed citizens’ dissatisfaction with the state of the city’s aging infrastructure. The city plans to borrow and invest nearly $40 million a year over 20 years to repair streets, sidewalks, bridges, flood control, and more. (What Works Cities)

Phoenix is using help from Cities of Service to more efficiently and effectively let low-income communities know about free cooling spaces throughout the city. During the city’s hottest months the city secures around 30 air-conditioned spaces — churches, senior centers, and libraries — where its most vulnerable residents can cool off. (CityLab)

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