A quick look at news stories this week featuring Bloomberg Cities’ programs and partners.

What does the AV transition mean for cities? Here are six key insights mayors and other city leaders should consider as they prepare for this fast-approaching shift. (Bloomberg.org)

The city of Boulder, Colo., a participant of the What Works Cities program, embraces a new data policy that makes data more accessible to the community to increase transparency and accountability. (City of Boulder)

Under the leadership of Mayor Sandy Stimpson, the Mobile, Ala., Innovation Team continues working in neighborhoods with elevated levels of urban blight to help “repair the world” one community at a time. (AL.com). Meanwhile, the i-team in Jerusalem launched Coming Soon, an app that asks citizens what businesses and services they’re lacking in their neighborhood and then shares that data with entrepreneurs looking for business opportunities throughout the city. (The Jerusalem Post)

Celebrating public sector progress and innovation in cities around the world. Run by @BloombergDotOrg’s Government Innovation program. bloombergcities.org

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