The NYU School of Law will launch a new center financed by Bloomberg Philanthropies. The upcoming State Energy and Environmental Impact Center, established by a grant of nearly $6 million, aims at helping state attorneys general fight federal moves to cut back renewable energy, environmental protections, and climate policies. (Washington Post)

Earlier this year, the city of Laredo, Texas, was chosen as one of Bloomberg PhilanthropiesWhat Works Cities. With the help of the program, the city plans to use data as a strategic asset. (LMT Online)

The Innovation Team, or i-team, in Syracuse, N.Y, launched over two years ago. From the beginning, the i-team’s focus has been on using data and technology to seek innovative solutions to complex challenges in the city. But as the $1.35 million grant will run out next year under a new mayor’s administration, what’s next? Seven candidates in the race share their future plans. (

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